What is SMS marketing? & Best SMS Marketing Services

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is the text message marketing version of email marketing. You can send a text to your customers or potential customers to get them into your business.

Text marketing is way more powerful than email marketing. You can’t just send text messages to people that have added their phone numbers. Text message marketing there is a lot more compliance rules place where it makes it harder. Actually, turn people into text message marketing customers.

You can turn your email marketing list into a text message marketing list. That way with text message marketing you can get better results from them. Because with text message marketing you can gong to get people that actually convert a lot higher than email marketing. SMS marketing you can send bulk SMS messages. You can send two thousand ten thousand SMS messages to people in a certain location or targeted by niche. You can easily promote your services or get traffic

Why you should use SMS text message marketing?

All of your customers own a mobile phone. And they are using it now more than ever. The latest data from the pew research center reveals that 95% of American people have mobile phones, of which 77% are smartphones.

Time also reports that 6 billion of the world’s estimated 7 billion population have access to mobile phones. Also, smartphone users spend at least one hour and 39 minutes using their devices every day.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

#1.Highly effective

If you want to send information about promotions or special offers. SMS texting is the fastest way to spread the word.

You don’t need to wait for people to open your email or visit your website. Soon as they get your text message they see it. According to recent research, 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. It is also a great way to send reminders about events or order status updates.

SMS text marketing allows for surf-of-the-moment promotions. Because the message gets sent and read in real-time.

#2.You won’t get ignored

When people receive text messages, they read them. Even when attending meetings, most people discreetly read their text messages. You’ve probably seen this before or people on public transport or in restaurants or public places.

The same can’t be said for emails, print ads, and all other marketing channels.

#3.Low cost, But high ROI

Compared to traditional forms of marketing, SMS texting is cheaper. You don’t pay for ad space or exposure. It is affordable for even the smallest business. But, because of the accessibility and convenience of the sending and receiving texts. It can potentially generate a high ROI.

When used strategically, texting enhances brand reputation, generates leads, and increases profits.

Email Marketing VS SMS Marketing

SMS & email marketing have roles to play in your overall marketing strategy. Each one holds unique benefits in the way they deliver information to your current and future audiences. But it can be confusing to which one will give you the highest return on investment for each campaign you are running.

#1.Open Rate

Customers today are more distracted than ever. Think about have you ever been watching TV while scrolling through your phone, or reading work emails while listening.

As a marketer. You are constantly facing the challenge of trying to grab the attention of your audience and, making sure that only you have it.

Texting message marketing has people’s attention. The average open rate for text message champions is 90% compared to just a 20% open rate from email marketing campaigns. The average person replies to a text message within 90 seconds compared to minutes for an email. Even though the world is distracting, text message marketing is the direct route to your audience.


SMS marketing requires the customer to either opt-in or out, your list is made up of only engaged customers. On the other hand, marketing emails typically have a larger list with more frequent sends. Even if you’re not doing it intentionally, emails have a higher chance of being sent to the spam folder damaging your reputation and breaking trust with your customers.

With statistics like 49% of all emails being marked as spam. You are already having to work much harder to get into your audience’s inbox. Someone working in an office receives over 120 emails a day. Using text message marketing means there is a higher chance of your message being delivered to your audience.

#3.Click Through Rate (CTR)

For both SMS and email marketing, your click-through rate has the potential to be high. But it depends on how well you craft your call to action. The average CTR of an email hovers around 4% however, a good call to action could multiply your average CTR by four to five times.

With text message marketing, it is more challenging to craft a call to action. Because you are limited to a hundred and sixty. Since the whole point of marketing, the effort is to motivate your audience to act on an offer. The most powerful asset you have is the link. When you use a branded link the customer immediately understands what the CTA is and is more likely to follow through.


The cost to send an SMS varies by country, but overall it does cost more than an email marketing campaign. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to send non-time-sensitive message to a large audience.

The customization and the email marketing vary from business to business and send, the direct cost of each campaign can vary. But it is generally still lower than SMS.


So which email was the clear winner? Because of its ability for personalization. Whether you are using HTML or text-only sends, email lets you add attachments, hyperlinks, images, and videos. Email marketing gives you more freedom to customize messages to fully connect with your audience as a brand. From the colors, you use to the type of copy to the use of images GIF, or videos.

In conclusion, email and text marketing should both play a role in your overall marketing strategy. If you can afford them. The biggest takeaway is to weigh the cost and benefits of each. Both of these programs are time and money investments that should be done with care and precision.

Use email marketing as a slow burn effect to build relationships and complex information and keep text message marketing for quick updates and reminders that require action.

The Best SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing is one of the most contentious spaces and also driving a lot of new players into space as many platforms. They are adding SMS to their marketing lineup now. Primarily there are three different types of SMS marketing tools. It really depends on the number of resources in your company and how you want to handle SMS.

#1.SMS bump

SMSbump is a strong consideration among these tools. They do have one of the most robust feature sets and they were built for that small and mid-sized ecommerce team. It isn’t too clunky or too expensive.

smsbump Pricing:

SMSbump have free price plan. Their price plan start $19 per month.


SMS live is one of the newer tools on the market and perhaps one of the smallest feature sets. Their team in their customer-centric dedication while they do have smaller features. They also have more affordable pricing and might be easier to implement.

SMSlive Pricing:

They have free trial. And their paid Pro plan start $97 per month.


Attentive mobile one of the enterprise market leaders. They work with big brands like Coach and Sephora to implement massive SMS marketing campaigns.

Attentive Pricing:

They have demo version. You can request to join.


Postscript is a relatively new player in the market. But they have fast-growing. They are well funded and they are building features dedicated to eCommerce and fast.

Postscript Pricing:

Postscript offer you 2500 Messages per Month for $25. And their cost per message is $0.0100. And you can get free inbound messages, Cost Includes All Carrier Fees and Sent via Unique ShortCode.

#5.Retention Rocket

Retention Rocket another new player to the same space. But with plenty of features centered on that abandoned cart experience and the post-purchase experience.

Retention Rocket Pricing:

Retention Rocket has four price plans. Their Bronze Package starts at $10 per month. And they also have a free trial.


Octaneai is a originally messenger only they recently added SMS functionality which goes alongside their robust messenger marketing feature set for mid-marketing enterprise brand.

Octaneai Pricing: Octaneai also has a free trial. Their starter plan starts at $29 per month with 250 Monthly Engaged Customers Included.


Privy having just released SMS retargeting on top of their conversion platform. It is to be integrated into the previous exiting toolset.

Privy Pricing:

Privy has a free plan. That allows you 5000 page views do you get per month free. The free plan gives you every popup/display type, fully customizable, all integrations, and email and live chat support.


Manychat is known for its chat bar and its building features. And they have SMS and messenger just more recently they launched SMS.

Manychat Pricing:

Manychat have two plans. One is free and the other Pro plan. Their free plan offers you Unlimited Subscribers, Basic Quick Start Templates, Audience Segmentation, and Unlimited Broadcasts. Their paid Pro plan is $10 per month. And allow all the features in free plus.

#9.Jumper ai

Jumper ai a tool super bullish on. It is a conversational commerce platform that allows you to make purchases directly on the channel in SMS. And that pretty cool.

Jumper ai Pricing:

Jumper ai have three price plan you can join.


Klaviyo software is the market leader for e-commerce email marketing for quite. Sometimes they have robust CRM great templates and they recently launched their SMS capabilities. There are some features still being developed and their cost per message sent is a little higher than the rest of the industries. But you don’t have to actually pay any monthly fees for SMS marketing.

Klaviyo Pricing:

Klaviyo has email and SMS services. Their free plan offers 250 contacts for the free plan. With the free plan, you can get one-click integrations, ROI-based reporting, Unlimited A/B Testing, and Facebook and Instagram advertising.


Omnisend founded in 2014. And severs over 50, 000 customers. They were built from the ground up to serve that Omnichannel marketer experience.

Omnisend Pricing: Omnisend has four price plans include a free trial. Their free trial doesn’t allow SMS Campaigns. Their free plan you can send 15,000 emails and Signup Forms, Boxes & Pop Up.


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