Dropshipping how to Start For 2021

Dropshipping meaning

Dropshipping is a business model that start your own online store.

If the customer buys a product in your store. You forward the details to your wholesale supplier after he directly sends the product to your customer.

Dropshipping pros and cons

#1.We can Start business any time

You can start easily only you need pc or laptop, internet connection. And find best niche trending.

Research new products and build your own website using shopify.

#2.Easy to manage

You do not need the best business or English knowledge to manage the store. Only need fast respond to your customer and keep touching them.

#3.You can target sell locations

You can target specific countries. That is mean you can sell only US market or Europe market.

You can automate your order fulfilment. That is saving your time to do other things.

Another thing is automate your tracking details. After supplier send you tracking details

Automatically that details send to your buyer email. Build relationship with your supplier

Some time you can get discounts your supplier.

What need you to cost?

  1. Shopify plan
  2. Domain name
  3. Apps
  4. Marketing (Facebook ads / google ads / influences)

Features Winning product

  • New for the market
  • Wow factor
  • Problem solving
  • Wide target audience
  • Product trending (Google trends)
  • High quality videos – photos

Why use new product because people like new items.

For example, people always like to update their phones. Because they like to try new features to try different things. If you bring them a new product to the market they want to buy it.

Wow factor give lot of attention to people. Most time wow factor give us to lot of sales.

If sell something to somebody solving problem most time they will buy it.

You are selling something small target audience.it mean you can earn a certain amount of money.

Make sure to find wide target audience product.

We use to find trending products to google trend.it will tell you currently how many people search that search term. If the product is a trend that means the product has demand and people interested in that type of product or industry.

When you find product online make sure product have high quality photos and videos.

Because when you run advertising.

Then people see poor quality product video or product photos. They are not going to purchase your product.

Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches

  1. Beauty
  2. Jewelry
  3. Home and kitchen
  4. Pet
  5. Sport
  6. Outdoors
  7. Health and fitness
  8. Kids and babies
  9. Customer electronics
  10. Fashion

Dropshipping Product Research


Oberlo is a free option of getting a supplier and a fulfillment company. You can get Oberlo you need a Shopify store. And you can add Oberlo to your store easily. it is completely free you do not need to pay. When you get an order Oberlo transfers all of the information to your Aliexpress supplier. That way you do not need to do it manually.

How to find products on Oberlo?

First you need to go where it says “search your products” on top left and you can go this site here.

And you can see a lot of products and a lot of categories. If you want you can search for the product that you want. After the search for a product, you need to filter search result sellers that have the best ratings. Because you do not want to the supplier with bad ratings. Because maybe those sellers are bad customer service and bad shipping time.

When you click a product on Oberlo you can see all about the information about that product and how much it is got in stock, product size, product color, positive ratings. It tells you every about the supplier.

#Brand Name

Make sure to pick up something generic name that way people come to your website they know that they coming here to get a good deal. You can go to pick up name go to Shopify name generator. And Shopify gives us to list of names base on that inquiry.

Open another google tab and go to google domains. If you select a domain you need to confirm that the domain name available.

I do not recommend buying a domain through google. We use the google domain to make sure that the domain name is available before picking a brand name. I recommend buying domain Shopify because it is so much easier to connect domain name and you get a free email (Ex – [email protected])

Best Shopify apps for Dropshipping

#1.Loox Reviews

Customer are come to your site. But they are do not buy product.

Because they do not trust your online store, Loox reviews are a Shopify app that you can add social proof to your store. With special Loox reviews, you can add photo reviews and easily set them up. When customers see happy customer reviews they will buy you the product without thinking.

#2.Best Currency Converter

This app will change currency base on your costumer location. So this app is helps to your customer to understand price easily.

#3.klaviyo Email Marketing

Klaviyo is an email marketing software that you can use to grow your sales. This app helps to automate email marketing when somebody tries to add to the cart button and but then they leave after you can send them offers and coupons to their emails.


SMS marketing popular than email marketing. Because text marketing has a lot of engagement with your buyer or customer. This is an automation text message marketing app. It is a lot more powerful than email marketing.

Ad Videos

Get more sales you need to marketing your product. Because that way people see your product and they will buy your product. The main way to advertising in dropshipping is by using video ads. First, you need to create a video ad.

What tool need to create your video ad?

  • Laptop or pc computer
  • Google chrome
  • Alisave chrome extension
  • YouTube video downloader
  • Your video editing software (imovie / adobe premire pro / camtatia /wondershare / animoto)

Aliexpress and search your product name open every supplier find who has the best product video. Then download that video for your computer. another way is to go to amazon ( https://www.amazon.com/ ) and do what I tell before finding the video of high quality. Because people see bad quality video ad they do not buy your product.

If you have not to skill to make video ad you can hire someone expert in that creating video ads. These are the sites I recommend for you to go to Fiverr or Upwork.

How to set up a business manager?

Once you did that you need to go to Facebook business manager. Click this link to go to business manager (https://business.facebook.com/ ) click to create an account and add details.

After you log in your business manager. Make sure to add at least two people to your business manager. The reason why when one person banned and other persons can still access. Before you run Facebook ads add your payment details to your business manager.

Columns mean

  •  Delivery

Delivery mean is your campaign alive, is it deactivated, is it active?

  • Budget

How much you spending on that ad campaign?

  • Reach and impression

How many peoples are reaching your ad and how many impression?

  • Cost per result (CPR)

How much does it cost you to acquire a customer?

  • Amount spend

How much you spend so far?

  • CPC (Cost per click) 

Cost per click mean how much you cost get a click.

  • CTR (Click true rate)

CTR mean how many people are clicking to go to your website.

  • Add to cart

Add to cart mean they were hit the Add to Cart button in your website without purchase.

  • ROAS (Return on ad spend)

This is most important thing. You can check your ROAS this website. Check your ROAS.

How to launch Facebook ads?

First you need to click green button (Create) and you are going see this pop up page.

And you see a lot of options but you need only one that is conversions. Just use conversion do not use any things else. Once you select conversion and scroll down and give a name to your campaign and click the continue button.

After select campaign budget optimization and give your daily budget. Once you are done you are going to create a Facebook pixel.

Facebook pixel

A Facebook pixel is basically Facebook tracking all go on the website. The pixel will be scan behavior on your website.

Install Facebook pixel

  • First, you add your website URL and click continue.
  • Once you did that go to add code using an exiting partner. And you select Shopify.
  • Copy the code that Facebook gives to you.
  • Go to Shopify dashboard go-to the online store go to preferences scroll down to the Facebook pixel.
  • Paste the code and click save.
  • Return go business manager click continue.
  • Then you need to paste your website URL again and click Send text traffic. It goes to your website and goes again to Facebook business manager.
  • Once you did that it says active click continue.
  • After you need to settings and check Track events automatically without code turn on.

That how you setup Facebook pixel. And go to back ad manager.


Locations – Choose countries (EX – United States)

Age – You can change ages who you want to see your ads. (Ex – 18 -40)

Gender – That depends on what you are selling. If you selling beauty products. most customers are female.

Detailed Targeting – These are the people who see your ads.(Ex – Are selling pet toy you can select pet lover interest)

Languages – (Ex – English)


You can choose where your ads (Ex – Facebook feed / Instagram feed)

Ad Creative

You can select the media, text, and destination for your ad. You can also customize your media and text for each placement.

After all this edit your ad video click publish button to publish your ad.

Finally, I hope you got a lot of value out of my new tutorial. Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


You now know what is Dropshipping, Dropshipping pros, and cons, about winning product and niches. And also Best Shopify apps for Dropshipping and Facebook ad manager. If you found this article helpful, please share it so we can reach as many people as possible.

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