Best ways to increase website traffic Organically


Quora is the largest free targeted traffic source. Quora traffic works any niche. Quora traffic performs the lowest bounce rate and high amount of time spend on the page. Quora traffic has got the potential to give more sales.

Quora is a community-based question and answer platform where people can post questions about any topic and answer. Those questions google then picks up those communities. Then google generated pages of questions. And answer them to their search results. Google likes quora.

Quora is the top seven hundred websites in the world. And quora rank 476 million in various keyword phrases. That means you can get a slice of their traffic. To do that you need to get your answer with a link to your website or blog.    

How you get traffic to your website using Quora:

First go to Quora sign up your account. After you register your account you need to go your profile and fill it.

You can enter topic search engine optimization blogging, YouTube, SEO, web marketing, or affiliate marketing. It could be a different example of weight loss. I recommend having at least ten. But enter everything that know you can possibly think of that is related to your niche.

Once you click the answer button you will see a feed with all of the questions related to those categories. Find questions that are suitable for your questions. If you don’t know the answer you can pass the question

Find the question that you can answer. And check out the answers that already been given. Then give your own answer. According to quora rules at the moment you are allowed to link back to your website. Make sure the link that you provide actually adds value to the answer.

To maximize your results on quora make sure that your answers are actually helpful if your answers get upwards. Then quora will promote your answer on their platform. That means that your answer will get a lot of views.

How to increase Pinterest traffic

Pinterest is a goldmine for free buying targeted traffic. But it is very important to use Pinterest in a very particular way in order to get an od result. First, you need to understand that Pinterest traffic is very high quality according to the insights published by Shopify average order value for buyers coming from Pinterest. Which is actually higher than any other social media.

And 93% of Pinterest users use it to research purchases before they actually go online and buy something. So that means Pinterest traffic high quality full of buyers and it is definitely the type of traffic that you need to get to your website.


A tailwind is a software tool. But they have a free pricing tier which is definitely more than enough for you. And they also don’t require a credit card to sign up for the free trial. Tailwind tribe solves massive issues for anyone who trying to get traffic from Pinterest.

If you are tried social media before or even Pinterest and failed. Then you need to try this out. A tribe is a group of people who are all in the same niche. Example in the dating niche or weight loss niche. And they agreed to share each other’s content. All this sharing is done by this tool called tailwind.

How does Tailwind work?   First, you need to register a Pinterest business account. If you have already a business account go head.

Then fill out your profile and make sure to put in the URL of your website. After you need to complete your profile.

Then created 10 to 20 boards which are the subtopics within your niche. Example if your niche marketing. Then your boards can be Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing.

Now you need to pin 10 to 20 pin images into each of those boards to make them look filled out. And go to Pinterest and type in Facebook marketing (your niche) into the Pinterest search bar. And find out some pin images that look good. And save them to Facebook marketing. (Your niche) Repeat this process and save ten to 20 pin images to each of your boards.

Now your profile will no look empty. And you can move to the next step. Create pins for your own content that go through each post on your site. Which you’d like to get traffic to from Pinterest. Then create a Pinterest sized image for it. Images that are 1000 pixels wide by and 1500 pixels tool work really well.

You can use a free program like Canva to create your images simply and easily. Then you’ll need to create a pin on Pinterest for each of your posts. To do that click the plus sign upload the images that you’ve just created fill out the description. Make sure that it’s rich with keywords and enter the URL of the post where you’d like the traffic to go when someone discovers your pin image on Pinterest. Once you have done all arrange all of the pins that link to your own content.

Now you need to sign up for a tailwind free trial. You don’t even need a credit card for that it. Tailwind actually allows you to publish 100 posts. After sign up fill out your profile and link your Pinterest account.

Then click on the tribe’s feature and select “find the tribe” from here you can type and search for the tribes in your niche. When you find a tribe looks good to you. Then request to join the tribe once you’re accepted. You will be able to nominate. Which of your content you would like other people to share. And you will able to start sharing the content with other tribe members. 

Generally the most contest content from others within the tribe you share on your profile. The more likely it will be that others will share your posts on their profile. That how tailwind tribes work. Because actually keeps track of all of the statistics.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Let’s dive into the topic. Find keywords before you decide which article and which keyword you want to post on. Let’s find keywords to the related travel niche. You can use google keyword planner to find keywords.

What is google keyword planner?

In August 2016, Google began limiting the data available in keyword planner to non-advertisers. First, go to and click the “Sign in” button. And log I to your google account. After you sign in, you will be asked to enter your email and website.

Then click “Skip the guided setup” or else you will have to go through a long setup process. Confirm the settings.

Now, click on tools, and choose keyword planner.

Then you will see two choices. “Find keywords”, or “Get search volume and forecast”.

Use the first option if you are looking for new keyword ideas. Enter a seed keyword and the keyword planner will kick back hundreds or thousands of related.

If you already have a list of keywords that you want to analyze, use the second option. This won’t suggest keywords. But rather it’ll tell you the estimated search range and CPC data for the keywords you entered.  

Tools that Ahrefs or SEMrush both are really good tools. They both are paid tools. But you can get a trial offer.

A free alternative is Answerthepublic. You just go through answer the public, add a seed keyword. And it will bring back several questions and other suggestions with your seed keyword in the results. After you collected all of the keyword topics that you want to cover. 

Promote your article on LinkedIn

You can promote new and old articles written on LinkedIn. This is works especially well if you have a lot of connections on LinkedIn. Only you need to do go through your exiting blog posts and which of them your connections would find most interesting. After making a list of those connections and share your articles. Every time you write a new post think about what would they want to see? And put the article up in the blog section of your site. Remember using a real attention-grabbing headline and nice-looking image. A simple tip is video content works especially well on LinkedIn.

Create useful content

In creating useful content, you just want to be thorough in your topics to them. And then you make it readable. You want to add bullet points, subheadings, images, and videos. When people are reading online it’s more difficult for them to follow a block of text and it’s much easier for them to read. If you have a lot more white space in there and also make great headlines. This is actually one of the more important things to do. That is how important it is and it’s for two reasons.

#1.Search engine

The search engines need to know exactly what your topic is about or what your article is about.

#2.User intent

But also you have users looking and they have several to choose from. So you need to make it inviting for them to click on your headline.

#3.Add video

This can be something as simple as a sideshow like you’re seeing here with voice over talking to your audience. It can be a screencast. It can be an interview of people in your industry and you interviewing them. It can be something simple creating a video in selfie mode and simply talking like a vlog to your audience. If you want, you can find a video that is relevant to your topic. You can add a YouTube video to your article.

That people will come to your website from. One will be from your YouTube channel and they’ll see your video on YouTube when they search. And then they’ll also see it when they’re searching for your topic in google search results.

Next is internal linking. Make sure you are doing internal linking. If you have multiple posts up on a page and they are related. Link to each other. That how google knows your whole site feels more readable and what your whole website whole about. Because you do internal linking to other relevant pages.

There plugins that you can use. They are Yoast SEO and Rankmath. Both can help with going through this process.

We are looking to do relevant guest blogging on other relevant websites. You can also look at doing a roundup post. This is just asking people in your industry who may be questioned and then gathering up all their answers.  And create a blog post about it. Tell those experts that you wrote this and you share with them the link to your post. They may share me on their website or on their social media profiles. And then that is a backlink for you.

Another way to interview another great blogger. Once they were been interviewed. Then you send them the link and they will likely share it on their pages as well. If you can’t do anything else one of the basic things you want to make sure to sets up your social media profiles. These are simply extra links that telling google seriously about doing this because you have all these profiles on Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook. And all links are pointing back to your website.

Join social networks

Join social networks, join groups, or slack communities. LinkedIn groups if that is relevant, just become relevant and be helpful in answering questions or contributing to a conversation online. You can also consider joining other search engines.

Pinterest is also a search engine. YouTube we talk about the videos. That is the number 2 search engine after google. These are other search engines that you want to consider having videos or Pinterest pins relevant to your industry. Make sure to be active on Q&A websites. Q&A websites like Quora where people are asking questions in your industries. And you can go in and answer the question. And possibly even have a link back more thorough article that you wrote.

Email list

Publish your first blog post, create an email list. Go ahead and get signed up with an email service provider. There is constant contact, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, or MailerLite, and get started creating your email list. After you can do a simple opt-in form at the end of every one of your posts or put it in your sidebar.

You can even do an exit-intent popup. If you are using something like OptinMonster and then also add a lead magnet. But the first thing you need to do definitely set up the opt-in form before you start getting out on the social media profiles. And answering in online communities.

Update post with LSI words

Ranking a page on google used to mean kind of keyword stuffing a page with the same keyword phrase over and over again. But now Google has gotten better at understanding the topic what your page. So think of LSI keywords as basically related keywords. If your designer google would expect to see on an interior design page words like the living room or renovations.  

Basically, these are the words signal to google that this page covers the topic really well. Because it covers all the words that we would expect to see on a page related to that topic. Google rewards those pages with higher rankings.

You can find LSI keywords on LSIgraph and enter your keyword. It gives a list of related keywords. And take one that makes the most relevant. Try to work them into the content on that page as naturally.

Improve your CTR (click true rate)

Whenever one of your pages shows up in a search result. You can impact the number of people coming to your site. You can make more people click on your listing than your competitor’s site.

If you are able to slightly modify that listing and make It more enticing. And get a CTR rate of more percent. Not only is that going double the traffic. Google gets notice and improves your ranking over time.

Create more list of articles

Numbers and post titles are got more attention. And they also get more shares and more links back to your site. People have brainstorming questions that your ideal customers might have. Then you can answer in a list article. Make sure to add numbers and eye-catching title to your content.

#1.Add more images to your content

Images help your readers retain more information. But they also keep people on your site longer. Google likes to reward that with higher search rankings. And it also results in way more share.

#2.Speed up your website

Site speed is a huge factor that Google uses in its algorithm to determine who shows up where and these searches. And also has a really big impact on how likely people are to stay on your site. Most people will not wait for your site to load any longer than 3 seconds.

Go to Google PageSpeed insights or Gtmetrix to get a list of details improves specifically on your site. You should aim for at least an 85 score on both desktop and mobile.

Join Pinterest Groups

Pinterest group boards are essentially collaborations where a group of people shares links, images, and videos on a specific topic. You can find groups by going to Pingroupie And searching for your topics and join them

Create a free Resource or Tool

Free video course – you can create a free video course about your topic or something else. It should provide value. People like free things. Example: you can create a course about how to create a YouTube channel 

Free template – Another resource you create free templates. For example – you can give people to free PDF book about a specific topic (SEO, Marketing) 

Mobile Usability

Today most people come to the internet with their mobile devices. So you need to design your website mobile-friendly. You can check your website go to google mobile-friendly test.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube is the best way to driving traffic to your website. And remember YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Create a great useful video tutorial about your industry. And link back to your website to get more traffic to your website.

Post on Medium

Medium is the most popular platform for marketing content. You can create articles related to your content and link back to your post or your blog site.

Analyze your website data

You can use google analytics to analyze your website. You can analyze:

  • Where share your content
  • Most people engage in articles
  • Organic keywords
  • Location
  • Referrals
  • Language

This gives you huge insights into your audiences.

You can use other tools like:

Use Reddit

Reddit is a huge organic traffic source. You need to definitely engage with Reddit. Go and join the subreddit. And research content related to your industry. And post content that useful to people. Because Reddit users want to get in-depth, valuable, and helpful content.


Those are the tips to increase traffic on the website. If you found this article helpful, please share it so we can reach as many people as possible.

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