5 Tips Choose Best Domain Name for Your Blog

#1.Stick with .com Domain

You need to stick with a .com domain name. There are a lot of new extensions out there. (.blog, .photography) But you’ll want to stick with .com. Because people are used to the .com. So you are telling them your domain name they’ll add a .com at the end of it. So make sure to stick with .com.

#2.Keep it Short

You want to keep it below 15 characters. And ideally, if you can get it below 12 then that’s even better. Keeping it short that helps your users to remember the domain name.

#3.Make it Brandable

You want it as brandable as you can. You want it to stand out and you want it to be unique to the readers. You’ll also want to get something that is catchy. And something that is easy for them to remember. An example is amazon.com is way more brand-able than buying books online.com.

#4.Avoid Hyphens

You want to avoid hyphens in the domain name. There was a big popular push to add hyphens when people couldn’t find the domain name that they want to register. But it increases typos when people are trying to remember it. That makes it way more difficult for people to remember. This is not always the case. But hyphens in a domain name are usually perceived as Spam. An example is my-new-blog.com.

#5.Leave the room, to expand

Maybe you want to talk about gardening. And specifically, you want to talk about potatoes. But later down the line, you might pull in other gardening aspects like growing cucumbers or something. Creating a domain name like Ilovepotatoes.com makes it a little bit bigger with gardenersdelight.com or something. That gives you a little bit more room to grow. Once you’ve already written everything about potatoes. And it’s time for you to move on into another arena within that same topic.

These are the few best domain name generator websites help you find best domain name.

Register domain name

After picking the perfect domain name you need to register the domain name before someone else does. And there are 2 main ways that you can do that.

If you don’t have your hosting provider set up. Then you need to set up first your hosting account. Go through Bluehost is a great hosting provider.

If you don’t need a hosting account and you just need a domain name there are several registrar’s who will go through the process of registering your domain name. The one I recommend is domain.com. They’re one of the best domain registrars on the market. They have a smart search feature, premium domains. 


Those are the five main tips on choosing the best domain name for your website. If you found this article helpful, please share it so we can reach as many people as possible.

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