Why email marketing is important?

#1.People have to take action from an email

You could always have the throwaway email addresses. You know the one you get at the store. You don’t really want to sign up for the email newsletter. But they are really persistent in asking. Sign up through that.

When you get an e mail. You have to do one of three things.

  • You have to read it
  • Delete it
  • Mark spam

And those are your three main options. Many of you can relate to that when you are on your mobile device. You really don’t like seeing all those notifications about new emails.

But a lot of people are in business professional and that sort of things. We like to keep our email inbox clean.

#2.It is really cheap

E-mail marketing seems like a very expensive thing to do. But if use a third-party platform. Then the third party platform handles all the email deliverability. It handles all of the spam complaints about you. And you can broadcast out multiple email lists. It handles all of it.

#3.Mobile first society, emails are received almost instantly

Not a lot of people are checking their emails on their desktop computers. Now it becomes the point where you know you send an email to someone on their personal computer. Which is really their cell phone smartphone is right their pocket. And they get emails almost instantly. They may not check it but they get it quickly.

#3.More effective than social media

If you think about email you have to take an action. If you think about social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Whichever one unlikely you are even going to see the message that is being sent to you unless. They are sent personally with brands that can’t really do that.

It is going to show up in your feed. And most of the time your feed is not going to be advertisements. It is not going to be from companies. People are connected with and that you engage with. That is what social media companies are doing.

They are going to include advertisements. But the only way that going to people is going to see them. They to make them see them.

Email marketing is more effective because it has a personal one to one connection. People get emails from you directly. You can even dynamically insert their first name their last name.

#4.91% of United state consumers use email daily

So 9 out 10 people and probably even a little bit more. Because this was a 2019 study 91% of United States consumers use email daily. Often that people are buying products marketed through email spend 138 percent more than people that don’t receive offers. People who buy those products are marketed through email.

When you are sending those email campaigns. Those promotional emails out they work and people will spend more simply. Because they are OK with spending on mobile. They are OK with transactions. They are comfortable.

How to make money with email marketing?

Here are 10 different points that explain how email marketing will improve your businesses. This list is probably isn’t every way that it can improve your business. But it is definitely going to capture the main concepts and the things that really need to understand.

#1.Increase sales

There is a lot of studies out of there. Basically proven that promotional emails work. That is why we keep receiving them as customers.

Brands send promotional emails and after they send those promotions. They watch sales coming. So it is going to increase your sales. If you have your messaging correctly and you dummying everything correctly.

You are going to able to send those promotional e mails and more people will buy your product or service.

#2.Increase repeat visitors to your website

This is may not seem like that big of a deal when you keep sending people back to your website. Then happening is they are going to fall in love with your web site. They are going to keep coming back willingly. They keep seeing your name when they come back to your website. They may click on more ads and they may end up purchasing more products.

So when you get those repeat visitors to your website. It is always going to be a going thing.

#3.Increase your repeat customers

When your customer has purchased once and then you want them to purchase again. So you able to increase repeat customers with a pretty simple method. That is letting them know of new complementary products that came out from their previous purchase or letting them know about other products.

Increase those repeat customers is huge. Because once someone spends their money with you once. They are much more likely to spend their money again.

#4.Increase the average order size  

Let think they are purchasing a $50 pair of shoes. You can send them an email. And say them to hey I saw that you bought those shoes for $50. I hope you like them. Want to let you know that when people buy those dress shoes. Those also typically buy a shoe polish and a shoe polish brush. Those sort of things. You can do it on a shopping cart. It still increases your average order size.

#5.Can help build your brand

You have no brand when you start. So one of the best ways to create a brand is just to keep getting in front of people. You don’t want to send an email to them every single day. But when you keep sending emails to them. And providing them with value and helping them out. You going to build your brand. Because they are going to come back to you. They are going to tell other people about you. It’s just going to exponentially increase from there.

#6.Can gain trust from your users

This is not an easy thing to do. But you can gain trust from your users through email. Because if you provide them with value all the time. You give them a lot of great content. Talk about what other people are saying share those good stories. That helps me understand. This is incredibly valuable.

#7.Humanizing your brand

You don’t always like doing business with a business. First, you need to understand the people behind the business. You need to make that connection to the staff at the business. You want to know what they are about, you want to know what their interests are. You focus on understanding who they are and what they are about. When you do this correctly through email. You were able to then convey who you are all of your interests.

#8.Make people feel welcome and important

When people first sign up for your website. You can simply send a welcome email. Tell them you are happy that they were joined. You can make them feel important. Maybe on their birthday, you can send them a customized email. That feels welcome and they feel important and it gives them a stronger connection to the brand.

#9.You can help establish authority

Emails can help you to establish and authority. Authority is very important when you have authority in a particular topic. It really going to get more trust people. And they are going to really come to you for advice. You can help establish authority pretty easily.

#10.Showcase social proof

People try to understand how many Facebook followers you have, how many Twitter followers you have. Letting people understand how many people are subscribed to your email list. When you do this you are helping people realize that it’s not just them. There is a large audience of people that are also connected to you and all of those people also trust you.

These are the #10 different points hopefully for understanding better how email marketing will improve your business.

Types of email marketing

Sources of email lists

#1.Email list exchange

This is when you partner with some other third party company. And with a partner actually, exchange your email. This could work and it could be where you know they will send an email on your behalf to their email list. And you will send an email on their behalf to your email list. These cross-promotions when makes sense.

#2.Buy an email list from a broker

First is that actually buy an email list from a broker and these are where you can buy a large email list. It could be over a hundred or thousand you buy a really large list. That has specific demographics characterized by the people who are on the list.

#3.List that people opted into

This means you can give them a free e-book or free resource to your visitors. Now you have to do is sign up for you know after they sign up? At that point is when getting them into your email list. This method pretty well.

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