10 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Website

WordPress has 55,000 plugins listed in the official WordPress Plugin Directory. These are going to be 10 different plugins that you can use for your website. These show you some of the pros and cons of them. And show you can use this and most importantly. And how can benefit your websites? You are going to find some plugins that are going to make your website’s experience smoother and better.

A lot of these plugins I share with you have free versions some are totally free a couple of them do have upgraded or paid versions.

#1. Elementor

You are really going to want to check this out especially.

If you are struggling to make your website. And you are looking at your WordPress dashboard and you are not using elementor. This is a real problem useless you are coding all yourself once again.

Elementor has a free version.

This is why I love it but it has this front end page builder editor has different templates.

That you can use could honestly go through and building within a couple of hours.

They have a pro version an upgraded version.   


The next plugin that we can use is Analytify. Analityfy is to make sure that you are tracking your website traffic with something like google analytics. Analytify going to connect with your google analytics account to show you your real-time people who are on your website at that moment.

And where they are from it is going to show you so much data.

Analityfy is going to allow you to do this.

You don’t need to have Analytify but you can get the overall message in this plugin.

Make sure you connecting your website to something like google analytics and Analytify just makes it easier for you.  

#3.Yoast SEO

This is a really important plugin. Because it’s very important to understand that with your website to rank in Google or other search engines.

If you want to rank in google you need to understand search engine optimization which essentially trying to get your website or your blog article to the top of Google. somebody searches google “How to start a business” you want your blog to pop up at the top. Something like Yoast SEO help to do that and it makes it a lot easier.

They can give you insights on whether your title is too long or maybe your subtitle is looking difficult to read the words are complex.

They have free version and paid version.

#4.Constant Contact

The constant contact plugin helps you to collect some emails. Something like constant contact is going to help you collect emails and capture emails. Email marketing is very much alive and something you can make a lot of money with.

This is why a lot of the largest websites or blogs in the world are all collecting emails nearly at the very top and if not the very top they are definitely doing it on the home page somewhere. Constant contact can help you to do this. If you have a newsletter or if you have a new blog article that you are rolling out every week and you want to push those blog articles to people and you won’t read them. In the email list, you can send those blog articles to all of your readers. You can build up a big network use this plugin.

#5.Ithemes Security

This one is very important. It’s having some type of security on your website. The one you can you here is called Ithemes security. There is a couple of others as well I think there one called word fence. Ithemes security gives you different features that allow you to protect your website.

WordPress is sometimes a little bit vulnerable in my opinion. They can be more vulnerable than sometimes companies Squarespace or Wix.

But you are using WordPress we can end up having certain vulnerabilities and Itheme security can help us sort of tie up those loose ends sort of making sure that we are fortified prevent hackers and scammers.

Maybe you want to backlist certain IP addresses or backlist certain countries you live in the United States and you don’t want anybody outside of the united state being able to login to your website. You can use that feature to do that.

Pretty links are going to clean up your links.

And it helps you with understanding your affiliate links.

If you are using links on different website YouTube channel makes easier.

#7.WP forms

WP forms are a really amazing plugin. I think it is one of the most installed plugins on WordPress of all time.

Because if you want to collect something like looking to collect emails of some type.

Survey or type of contact form or registration forms some type of payment all possible with WP forms.

#8.Tidio (live chat)

This one is truly revolutionary it is going to allow you to have a life that features on your site. Let’s think that maybe you want to have a live chat feature on your website 24/7 but obviously you are probably not around 24/7 unless you have people in multiple different continents answering on these live chats.

But great about this is that it is actually you can have canned responses and then maybe if this bot is not able to answer the person’s question.

They submit their email they submit their inquiry.

And then you pick up that in the morning when you wake up and you can answer their question for them.


The next plugin is smush. This plugin is actually been around for quite some time and does have millions of downloads.

This is going to reduce the size of your images so that we can have fast loading websites. This is one of the biggest things that we see people overlook when they are building websites. Their site speed does not matter as much. And there is a lot of different things that affect this you look at your server you look at hosting.

You want to look at how large your images are or files on your website. yours have a large size image. take longer to load on that person’s computer and when it takes longer to load the problem here.

This plugin helps you to search engine optimization and get more traffic to your website.


This is a very simple plugin that Woocommerce which is a free plugin. You can use it for a WordPress website. A common misconception people have is that think they have to spend $29 for a month on a Shopify plan. And hundreds of dollars per month on a Shopify pan to sell something on their website. The truth is you don’t have to use woo commerce which is arguably one of the e-commerce platforms out there. It is customizable and simple to use.


These are the 10 WordPress Plugins you can use on your WordPress website. If you found this article helpful, please share it so we can reach as many people as possible.

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